Intelligent Automation

We create your Centre of
Excellence for
Intelligent Automation.

RPA Centres of Excellence respond to a significant problem; organisations are hitting automation roadblocks. RPA must deliver the projected ROI defined at implementation, bringing to question the overall investment.


The reason? A maverick, self-interested approach to automation where each line of business fends itself, causing poor planning, design, and missed requirements that lead to bot outages and unavailability. When bots must be pulled out of production for maintenance, they're not executing the processes they were built to perform. The diminished returns causing RPA projects to "fail" are primarily attributable to RPA downtime and, ultimately, the result of reactive, unplanned rework.

RPA CoEs can remove the barriers and challenges stunting high-quality, resilient automation development.

Roadmap to build RPA COE

This service allows you to create an efficient, effective IA “Centre of Excellence” which will grow and flourish long after we have gone, guaranteeing longevity and scalable automation.

img Define your Team
An RPA CoE built for success comprises professionals from different disciplines, including IT, business, and development. These different personas each bring unique expertise, which is essential in any automation governance structure.
Define a Governance Model
The process for identifying, assessing, validating, and prioritising RPA opportunities must be established. The templates and guidelines are needed to standardise.
Define the Tools
Consolidating automation tools and defining one toolchain with the right solutions is the only way to promote the enterprise-wide visibility, alignment, and collaboration needed for an RPA CoE and automation in general to produce impactful returns.