Intelligent Automation Discovery

RoboQuess will assist your organisation in helping you reimagine your business operations with automation in mind.

We will analyse the current business processes of our client's firm and how they may embrace an "automation-first" approach through expert discovery exercises. It is crucial to realise that at RoboQuess, we don't believe in quick remedies. We will spend time with you and your team to pinpoint areas within your business where there is a possibility for significant adjustments that will benefit you substantially.

Automation Roadmap Assessment

The Automation Roadmap Assessments are a method that RoboQuess has developed internally and is well-proven. It's a four-phase collaborative process discovery and analysis exercise between RoboQuess and your company's SMEs. The four stages are vision development, analysis sessions with your company, analysis of potential candidates for automation, and software recommendations based on the results.

img Phase 1 Initiate
Establishing a vision for intelligent automation, focusing on analysis and projected benefits of automation, would help business stakeholders.
Phase 2 Gather
Participate in process analysis sessions with business SMEs to comprehend the process at the level of specific keystrokes and automation potential.
Phase 3 Analyse
In the analysis phase, analysts must first identify all the tasks in the current process that need manual handling or human intervention and then list the tasks that should be automated.
Phase 4 Deliver
Achieve results to benefactor, including business cases, delivery schedules, privileged automation candidates, and software recommendations